Many event agencies, professional conference organisers, and event planners are providing their attendees with the event app today. If you do not know what this type of technology is, it’s basically a mobile app that attendees can download to their phones or tablets. It’s like any other app that can be acquired from the Play Store or App Store except that it’s designed specifically for events. What does it do exactly? It practically functions as an information hub and it may also have several features that can help increase attendee engagement when integrated with a corporate event software.

To guide you in your research as you search for the best app provider, here are three qualities of a reliable event app:

  1. It’s branded according to your event or company.

The first thing that you should be concerned about is whether the app can be branded according to your event or company. There are many app providers who would provide you with a native event app that is branded according to their company instead of yours. While this may be the cheaper route to take, it may be confusing for attendees to download an app with a name that is not related in any way to your event. If you have to pay the extra dough for the app to be named according to your company, it should be worth it. The app itself should contain the logo of your company and, additionally, it should use the main colours that would identify your brand.

  1. It helps increase attendee engagement.

Attendee engage mentis one of the many reasons why event organisers invest in an event app. If you are not aware of the different functions of this app, you should know that there are custom-made features that will help your attendees engage themselves more during the event. For example, you can request for features such as Q&A or live polls to make sessions and talks more interactive. Attendees would love to share their own input regard less of the topic explored by any speaker onstage.

  1. It’s a stable app.

Last but not the least, make sure that you are investing in stable event promotion apps. You should look for an app provider that has been proven to develop solutions that event planners can really take advantage of. Checkout the history of any provider through Google. It would also be advantageous if you consider many options before making your final decision. Try to ask for demos or even free tri also fan event app. Check out what makes a product special and how it will apply to the needs you have for a certain event.

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