3 Qualities of an Effective Event App

event app

Many event agencies, professional conference organisers, and event planners are providing their attendees with the event app today. If you do not know what this type of technology is, it’s basically a mobile app that attendees can download to their phones or tablets. It’s like any other app that can be acquired from the Play Store or App Store except that it’s designed specifically for events. What does it do exactly? It practically functions as an information hub and it may also have several features that can help increase attendee engagement when integrated with a corporate event software.

To guide you in your research as you search for the best app provider, here are three qualities of a reliable event app:

1. It’s branded according to your event or company.

The first thing that you should be concerned about is whether the app can be branded according to your event or company. There are many app providers who would provide you with a native event app that is branded according to their company instead of yours. While this may be the cheaper route to take, it may be confusing for attendees to download an app with a name that is not related in any way to your event. If you have to pay the extra dough for the app to be named according to your company, it should be worth it. The app itself should contain the logo of your company  and, additionally, it should use the main colours that would identify your brand.

2. It helps increase attendee engagement.

Attendee engagement is one of the many reasons why event organisers invest in an event app. If you are not aware of the different functions of this app, you should know that there are custom-made features that will help your attendees engage themselves more during the event. For example, you can request for features such as Q&A or live polls to make sessions and talks more interactive. Attendees would love to share their own input regardless of the topic explored by any speaker on stage.

3. It’s a stable app.

Last but not the least, make sure that you are investing in stable event promotion apps. You should look for an app provider that has been proven to develop solutions that event planners can really take advantage of. Check out the history of any provider through Google. It would also be advantageous if you consider many options before making your final decision. Try to ask for demos or even free trials of an event app. Check out what makes a product special and how it will apply to the needs you have for a certain event.

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A Short Guide in Planning Events in Madrid

planning events in Madrid

This post will teach you some necessary concepts when planning events in Madrid. The capital of Spain is often regarded as the cultural centre of the Castilian language (otherwise known as Spanish all over the world). It is the third most populous city in Europe right next to Berlin. If you are an event organiser aiming to hold a congress or big event in Europe, Madrid could easily be one of your best choices – especially that operational costs in this land-locked city are cheaper compared to other major destinations like Paris.

What should you expect if you are hosting an event in Madrid?

The weather can be of extremes

Despite Spain being one of the sunniest countries in Europe, Madrid can often get very cold in the winter. Some people would think that it’s warm all year round in Spain and this is a common misconception. During the winter months, temperatures in Madrid can in fact go below 0°C although chances for snow are very low. Conversely, during the summer, it can get really hot in the Spanish capital and it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach more than 40°C. If you are planning to hold an event in Madrid, try aiming for the spring or autumn months when the weather is generally more favourable.

Find all places to visit with an event app

Tip: An event app can be used by your attendees to let them know of the top attractions in Madrid. This is just one of the reasons why you should consider using technology used in events for complete event planning. Also know that you can provide event management apps for iPad or event planning apps for iPhone if majority of your attendees are Apple users.

Food is great

One thing that cannot be missed in Madrid is the exciting gastronomic experience your attendees will have. Madrid is full of tapa bars, restaurants, bakeries, and taquerias for people of all corners of the globe. Almost all food of different origins are served in international restaurants in Madrid. If you especially fancy eating Mexican food, or if you want to serve tacos during your event, Madrid’s taquerias are some of the best in the region  since many Mexicans have migrated to the Spanish capital and brought with them their world-class recipes.

Events facilities are plentiful

Events facilities are also plentiful in Madrid. If you are eyeing for hotel venues for smaller events or if you are looking for convention or exhibition spaces, Madrid won’t disappoint since countless events are hosted in this city every year. For events with thousands of attendees, your best bets are the Municipal Conference Centre, the Pabellon de Cristal, and the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid.

Last but not the least, Madrid also has several tourist spots for attendees who are looking to be charmed by Spain’s southern European appeal. It surely is a destination worth considering for event organisers who are looking to capitalize on the European market.